Thursday, February 19, 2009

229: baby's first poetry reading

I promise, I was listening, but this darling kept distracting me with his disarming smile. I had to resist pulling him up into my arms and squeezing him close. This boy has me fully enamored.

So this weekend, I owe:

- Some semblance of thoughts regarding AWP.
- Some semblance of thoughts regarding tonight's poetry reading, which somehow involved me.
- Readings: arty porn, mixed metaphors, and better essays than mine.
- Grading forty-four "mini essays," as I've been calling them.
- Critiquing two better essays than mine.
- Preparing for "poetry group," a kind of book club we've formed for (five of us) poetry MFAs.
- Finishing the less better essay, after struggling this week.
- Sleep.


KeLL said...

I think Christian really enjoyed himself last night. I'm sorry he was blowing raspberries while you were reading.

Margosita said...

I'm a new lurker/reader.

This photo is amazingly cute! :)