Saturday, December 27, 2008


It's changed over from snow to rain here, the record-breaking accumulation in Wisconsin (39.7 inches) for December (since 1887) quickly melting into mush (global warming be darned!). The new clutch in Ryan's car actually makes driving easier, and I'm less timid getting into first from a standstill. Tonight's dinner was spent at my parents' house, where I learned that you mustn't speed through cooking, no matter how many episodes of The Iron Chef America you may have watched prior, and I used these salmon cooking tips, as I've only made salmon on the grill before. It appears I've not reverted to my vegetarian ways, but instead, only exhausted my palate for turkey after that fifteen pound free range wonder Ryan and I were left with when the clutch went out originally; I have, however, found a turkey I wouldn't mind making next year instead (so cute!).

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