Sunday, November 30, 2008

153: Thanksgiving Redux

Today is Thanksgiving again--our fourteen and a half pound turkey warming in the oven, loosely packed with organic stuffing, and Ryan's pot of gravy steaming on the stove. I'll wait on the butternut squash bisque and bread for now; the turkey is enough to keep me distracted. While it heats, we're watching a documentary on the 1996 Everest disaster, giving emphasis to the chilly snow falling outside.

Tomorrow it is back to routine--classes, but a new addition, and that would be the seasonal work at the bookstore. Classes are over in a week and a half, which seems so sudden, so surprising. I must cobble together a small manuscript for my workshop, and I'll have a stack of portfolios of my own to grade, but nothing so weighty as, say, one hundred and twenty freshmen research essays, as I generally faced over an incredibly brief winter break while teaching high school.

Hope you're all staying warm, enjoying leftovers, maybe taking a Sunday walk in the neighborhood, as we tend to do.

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