Friday, December 19, 2008

171: Shifting

It seems strange to think about, the way blogs function in our lives, how some stick to just-family-and-friends and others are voyeuristic and become connected to strangers. For me, it's all about admiration: there are some talented individuals out there, with their eyes, with their words, and, as any good year does, when it comes to a close, a few projects end as well. So, of course, I wanted to make a tiny post to wish those good things a bon voyage and hope the generators of such goodness will swoop in with new creative endeavors equally as wonderful:

- Port2Port: Her shop is now closed, her custom orders end in January, and her blog has ended. But Maria / mav will still be around on Flickr, and though 3191's evenings are ending also in January, a third year is bringing some new surprises--with writing this time!

- Simply Breakfast: Jen's Simply Photo is still around and my most-shopped etsy stop will still be around, but her breakfasts are ending. Of course, we can own our very own hard copies of such goodness: books one and two are for sale.

- Before + After: Two of my favorite photographers ending their joint project. Jen (above) and Nicole will still continue bringing beauty to us on their flickr pages and their blogs: The Habit of Being and Simply Photo.

- Inspired: Heather Smith Jones and Jen also had a lovely collaboration of art and photography, which is also coming to a close. You can see hrsj's versions here and jen's here.

Best wishes!

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