Friday, December 19, 2008


Yesterday: Ryan's car has something faulty with the RPM, which means both our cars will be at the mechanic's today. Perhaps then mine doesn't have to be so lonesome for too long.

I finished up my holiday shopping, I believe, but I wouldn't dare reveal anything here. I will say this: I picked up some maple creams dipped in chocolate to bring home with me for everyone to try, but I don't think they'll last through the weekend.

Packages are also all out in the mail, so friends and family living in far-flung parts will actually get their gifts from me on time. It's a strange concept for me, and I have high hopes of staying on top of birthdays for next year, though I'm guessing my ability to distract easily will come into play and I won't get much past January.

I found a little last minute something for Ryan: wood topped wine bottlestoppers. I had one shipped to my in-laws', since that is where we'll be Christmas Day, and I'm pretty excited. I also picked up a copy of The Beer Book at work, and there are a few other little items. We promised we wouldn't get each other anything, but I couldn't resist. There's always that little shiver of pleasure when you find something you just know the other person might like.

Also: I think I might try an adaptation of this recipe for pasta sauce with those book club tomatoes. I'm not sure if I can freeze some of it? I really need to learn how to can. Perhaps I'll make myself a little list of things I'd like to learn in 2009.

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