Sunday, November 23, 2008

145: Vermont Cheddar Bread

Adapted recipe here. We followed the one in Artisan Breads in Five Minutes A Day, first one from the recipe book Angie gave me for my birthday. Our is now sitting, rising, collapsing, on our counter.

Also, this video was helpful before we started:

Something I'd like to find around here some time is Community Supported Preserves and Bread. I've been pointed to some research: a Wedge Co-op article here, and something on HGTV here.

I've also picked up a recent issue of Cooking Light and Martha Stewart's Everyday Food in preparation for the holidays. I've already found a cranberry sauce and a stuffing I'd love to try. Perhaps later I'll post a listing of recipes that caught my eye and link them to the various websites.


Angie said...

I was looking for meat & fruit CSAs and I found the Crop Share offerings at Cooks of Crocus Hill. Some of those look great.

One of the blogs I read, the lady's neighbors have a dinner sharing thing setup. I don't know how often, but one neighbor cooks for another/others one time a week or something. Seems like a great idea if you had foodie neighbors!

molly said...

Oh, Molly that looks so good. How can one go wrong with cheddar and bread together?

KeLL said...

How did it taste?

leedav said...

Hey, I can't sleep after my Thanksgiving feast and what fun to have time to explore your blog and to find a mention of the CSP&B! Thanks!

I have that book on hold from the library and that cheddar bread is gonna be the first I make. ;-)