Saturday, November 15, 2008

139: Hay Creek

Hay Creek: We return again and again, unsnapping their collars, watching them run up and down the sandy banks. For my birthday, my husband got me an upgrade to my Canon, and my old SLR found a new home. And today was the first day I've "taken it out," so to speak. I'm always leery of change, especially when it comes to anything mildly technological.

I was always afraid, too, that it wouldn't be so easy to take pleasure in the natural world without that verdant bursting, but fall is gorgeous too. The leaves are rotting now, everything is muddy and slippery, but the dogs flung themselves with that regular abandon, and I think, I think this one can stay.

(By the way, I love the way Penelope can blend into the landscape. Zephyr was there, and adorable as always, but he's a little trickier to capture properly on film.)

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chelsea said...

i LOVE the fourth image.