Thursday, November 13, 2008

137: They have arrived!

The worms arrived today in a sack: five hundred tucked in with the dirt, woven into the fabric. Now, layers of shredded bills and Langton Hughes poems, a little bit of vegetable refuse, water. They are settling in beneath the light. I will turn them over, watch the transformation.


Chris said...

they should be wet,wet,wet!


The more paper, the better!

Kathie said...

Congrats on your "herd"! Enjoy them, they will bring you much joy and fruit.

Chris said...


Just in case your worms are not super happy, here is a website about how to set it up:

I've never done the two bin system, but it actually looks like it would work awesome, then you would never have to kill the worms to get the bedding, they just leave when you stop putting food in.

Okay, I'll stop with the worms, already. I want to see how they are doing! :)