Saturday, September 13, 2008

110: Loft Poetry Festival

Poets & panelists on The Poetry of Witness: Bao Phi, Jim Moore, Jude Nutter, Mike Rollins

I couldn't tell you what the highlight might have been: listening to Martin Espada read and tell stories (oh, if you ever have a chance...!), the panel on poetry and politics, turning over new ideas in my mind on directions my own work might go, running into Wilt (a friend from this past summer's Split Rock Cloquet experience), perusing those slick, thin paperbacks of poetry at the book fair... Or maybe being in conversation with poetry for an entire morning, afternoon, evening? Or maybe, from all the stories of writing poems on Dunkin' Doughnuts bags, of waking at three am, it is my own nudging, writing poems as I am half-awake, rushing downstairs to tell stories from years past, of what it is to love someone in those thin moments.

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