Monday, July 21, 2008

61: Dreaming of Roland Barthes

OK, OK, I went, what, a month and a half? 365 is back. I missed it. This time, though, isn't give-or-take a few; one a day, my favorite, not always representative.

I have a recurring dream, one with variations: a visit to the university bookstore. It never looks as the U's does, but I'm always either searching for it or in it, browsing, looking for the next treasure. (I have had regular bookstore dreams too.) Last night's dream had me running my fingers along tilted books, the crook of my arm filling with Barthes and Borges. I took a peek at the shelves in creative writing, curious to see if the intro class had books at all. No, but Intro to Nonfiction had a clear plastic box with two coils of golden rope, much like thin tasseled rope for decorating curtains, and a twenty and eight ones folded into it. I was curious as to what writing exercise would come of it and why it cost sixty dollars to purchase.

It's afternoon, the new washing machine and dryer are turning my clothes over and over quietly, that new plastic smell filling the bathroom. I am packing for a week in Wisconsin, four dogs and me. My revised thesis being edited down to completion. The distance learning British Literature class that I have an incomplete in ready for conquering. I'm getting my ducks in a row, to use a cliche. It's almost a retreat, this dog sitting adventure.


Angie said...

How did you manage to get the new washer and dryer into your room? If you can do it, maybe we can. You're giving me hope.

Did you get front loaders?

Anonymous said...

dreams can be so strange...

I hope your time in WI is restful and productive!

KeLL said...

Yeah! I missed 365!
Don't let those crazy puppies run you over!

Molly said...

Angie: Yup, they're both front loading. We had to take the doors off both the bathroom and our back door, but they got in and out just fine. And I learned how to unhang and rehang a door, which sounds much more complicated than it is, but we're going to pretend like it's amazing, what I've learned.

Kelly: Yay! I thought I was doing fine with Flickr, but I really missed looking back and seeing what "happened" on certain days, when the seasons came in, etc. I would have just revamped the old 365 page, but it was on a different log in and I couldn't figure out how to get it switched.