Sunday, July 20, 2008

60: Kelly / Mama

Something I realized last night as I went through the yellow-hued photos from our trip to the northern climes of Minnesota: Kelly is a good mom. And not just to that little wiggler she's holding in her arms there. No, do you see the black and white pooch? And the man holding said pooch? She's a mama to all three of those ones. Oh, and the love that Richard and Kelly have for one another is incredibly true, incredibly sweet, and he has a good heart, which, to me, is the number-one-most-important-thing in a companion. But Richard is also the single most distractable person (aside from myself, of course) I've ever met, which, I think, brings out the mama in Kelly.

Above: an image of the family, as it is now, just before Christian turns one month, preparing to settle in for a family photograph. None of them turned out well (the photos, that is--the Nelsons are always gorgeous), but I loved this one for its expression of peace within chaos.

Speaking of peace within chaos, I am now winding down on my second draft of my M.Ed thesis. I'm hoping to turn in the final draft early this week, then start the paperwork to graduate. Weird.


KeLL said...

This means so much to me. I know Richard drives you crazy sometimes, but we balance each other out.

flossy-p said...

heee, I was looking at these portraits on your Flickr yesterday, giving me a good chuckle.