Wednesday, June 18, 2008

16: Shop Update

The shop has been updated: mostly 5 x 7 prints, but also one original Polaroid. And, of course, still, the Alaskan postcards.

I will draw the winner for this on Friday morning, so you have until noon to leave a little note! Weigh in on what might be the next postcard series.

Hope your Wednesday is good. My favorite things about Wednesdays: Bokeh Wednesday and white space wednesday and {On a Wednesday}.

I'm also loving: the cloudless sky, click pens, and reading books in the afternoon. (Any recommendations?)

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Sarah Yost said...

books in the afternoon--sounds nice. It's been a while since I did that. Have you read Paul Auster? I liked Brooklyn Follies and Book of Illusions.

And to celebrate your MFA: read Lorrie Morre's Birds of America. I've procrastinated writing too many times by rereading "Terrific Mother" in that collection and calling it research.