Saturday, June 14, 2008

10: Summer

Signs of summer: lightning bugs, thunderstorms at night, the wind before a storm hits, sunlight until past eight and sometimes even nine, grilling and eating outdoors, watermelon, swimming, laughter under streetlamps, the sound of tires on wet pavement, the inkling of seedlings becoming plants, clear skies and seeing the moon, green green green, lemonade, sitting on the front porch, weekend road trips, farmer's markets, writing long letters, sand in your shoes, tan limbs, sleepy conversation into the night, bare feet, strawberries on vanilla ice cream.

My husband picked up a Polaroid camera for me on the way home from work. He met me for dinner downtown, led me to his car, and handed me a (classily) wrapped bag from Walgreens. It's been a wobbly start, but I have determination and a sack full of film. You can watch my progress here.

A nice surprise: A flower photo of mine as the daily click over at Shutter Sisters.

Happy weekend, friends. xo

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Leslie said...

A Polaroid present--lucky you! I'm kicking myself these days for giving away a Polaroid I had when the kids were small. What was I thinking?