Thursday, April 14, 2011


Congratulations are in order: a week ago, Kezia made an honest man of my brother-in-law in a courthouse in Denver, Colorado. Eric is Ryan's older brother, though people who learn it are often surprised, not only because Ryan's hairline is rapidly slipping back and his beard gives him a mature look, but also because Ryan has all the "grown up" accessories--the house, the wife, the child, the job that stretches back several years, and on. Eric majored in recreational management in college and can be found in gorgeous cities in the west--we've visited him in Mt Hood and Lake Tahoe, and now we'll see him in August in Colorado for his wedding celebration--where he works closely with snowboards and kayaks and is known to spend summers living in corners of the mountain in a tent with a cooler of beer. He has the capability to make friends with just about anyone, as he has the Kiefer-traited "good heart," and perhaps would make a good poster boy for the term "free spirit."

We met Kezia (who is from Brazil originally) this past winter holiday, where I spent the majority of it fatly pregnant and spewing forth illness for three solid (or, rather, unsolid) days, so I didn't quite get to know her, though I did have the opportunity to observe some very cheerful game-playing with the four-year-old nephew Jimmy, whom I adore. I look forward to more adventures and their beautiful celebration this late summer. Congratulations, congratulations.


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