Monday, October 25, 2010


I've had so many wonderful poetry-adventures in the past two weeks; I have scribbled notes in my notebook to compose here, and photos and joy, but here's another form of joy: eeking out just before the first snow is set to filter in, several juicy sweet peppers (along with enough hot peppers to last this winter and next, a few eggplants) appeared in our garden. We've had chicken enchiladas and tofu fajitas, using our store of CSA onions in the mix.

In these parts, it's drizzling, and tomorrow, we're set for a high wind warning, which will make the commute across the farmlands a bit precarious, and tonight, we took the pups to Hay Creek, which fills my heart to the brim. Those two are so beautiful when they fling themselves, free, chasing after sticks (indeed, we may not have learned our lesson, though Ryan is careful to trim any sharp edges) and pawing slender holes in the sand. The mosquitoes are still lingering, the leaves are flittering down, and I imagined the cows lowing were moose instead.

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Denise | Chez Danisse said...

It all seems pretty enjoyable. I'm now longing for some wide open space. Soon. Enjoy yours.