Friday, October 1, 2010

508: a little making for a lot of love

I almost kept him, which would have been naughty, and the first time I felt compelled to keep one of my own fiber creations. There's a twist along his nose, and it makes me think of my husband, who bumped into too many goal posts or heads while playing soccer when he was younger and never bothered to straighten it out (it would require re-breaking, you see). I opted for no adornments: no tail, no embroidered eyes, no fabric inner ears, no embroidered tree-tattoos (this last was my husband's suggestion). Perhaps the simple reflects more the maker than the receiver, my best friend of so many years. My heart is full of adornments when I think of her. xo, Kelly

Yarn: pink tweed kitchen cotton by Lily's Sugar n Cream
Needles: size 7, Clover bamboo
Pattern: Piggies at Play from Knitted Toy Tales by Laura Long


KeLL said...

I love my little knitted piggy. Although I'm afraid to tell you, Christian already pretended to bar-b-que him on his play grill.
I saved him and now he happily hanging out on my couch taking in the sights of our family.
Thank you for the adorable pig. I'm glad you didn't keep him!

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

This is the sweetest. Lucky Kelly.