Thursday, May 27, 2010


Mother's day weekend, before we met at Z Harvest for lunch to reveal the big news, we found ourselves with half an hour of free time. We stopped by the Wildlife Sanctuary and discovered these beautiful creatures. There were many Canada goose families wandering about the premises, but none as prolific as that top couple, whose brood Ryan counted up to twenty-two or -three and joked, "She must have had fertility treatments," which, of course, made me cringe, given my own situation and risk of Clomid-twins (the first ultrasound, of course, revealed just the one peanut). Silly boy.

I love that Canada geese mate for life. I love how defensive the papa is over his brood (that middle one is a goose hissing me away). I love how sweet the young are. I love how beautiful spring can be.


KeLL said...

I don't think I've ever seen that many babies with one Goose couple! The babies are so cute! The farm by my house just had 2 baby calfs born yesterday. Christian and I went to see them. He would point at them and yell, "BABY!"
I love Spring babies!

Meryl said...

Don't sometimes two mama geese combine their broods? Kind of like play dates? I can't tell the boys from the girls.