Sunday, May 2, 2010

458: a pair of weekend visitors

Christian and his mama came for a visit this weekend, a little bud on Saturday morning amongst all kinds of busy with end-of-semester preparation. We had lunch at a cafe (asparagus quiche for me), went to the park, and Christian even played fetch with Zephyr, the brave little boy.

And that's exactly what he is now: a boy. In just a little under two months, he will be two years old, and he's fully mobile, strangely conversant, has his own names for things, can answer questions ("Who is your favorite character?" "Cook!").

Kelly better watch out because I might steal him, add him to my collection of nephews, if only I can get Megan to truly ship Jimmy and Jack out to stay for a bit. I have no job for the summer just yet; day care could be halfway across the state--or the country--, right?

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