Tuesday, April 20, 2010

454: garden before

Finally, one of our favorite wedding gifts from one of our favorite people finds a home. I can't wait to see who else finds a home here.

We haven't steeped anything in the dirt yet, but the dirt is already given us things: the strawberry plants have survived a winter of dog tromping and snow packing, and there is a small swath where the sunflower seeds have produced an incomprehensible tangled gathering. I'm so awful at thinning the seeds: does anyone nearby want some brilliant sunflower plants? We are, after all, known in the neighborhood for our ridiculously tall blossoms.

There is much to do in the dirt this year, and I find myself vowing to be better at weeding, but I have to be honest with myself; it's not likely to happen. For now, Ryan has been better than me: he's been responsible for our first mowing of the season, and while he is on his Sunday call to his parents, he weeds clumps of grass and sorrel, and I think of the bigger, angrier weeds that are to come.

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