Sunday, April 18, 2010

452: bookclub

Tonight, a quiet evening with a good group of girl friends, where we discussed Flow, which is up available on bookswap, and I learned a good handful of scintillating facts regarding that monthly, which I still think can provide great moments of embarrassment and disgust, as the book hoped to convince me otherwise, and I do think my body-bookclub-book my heart belongs to is Woman: An Intimate Geography. So good.

Our book club has expanded in the past few months; for a while it was just me and Angie and Emily holding down the fort, but Chris rejoined, and Meryl folded herself in, bringing her sister (who has "popped!"--and is due in July) Casey along. It's a good six, and I adore these girls a great deal. (Now, if we could only convince that Kelly to join again...)

Happy Sunday evening. Night sounds of laundry and crickets, watching a recorded episode of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, trying to finish a young adult novel version of Emily Dickinson's life.

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