Monday, March 22, 2010

439: sweet singing

We heard this song on MPR on the way to dropping him off at the airport (he's spending the week in Palm Springs for a nerdy GIS-type conference, then the weekend in Tahoe with his brother), and I said, "You know, I love, love this song."

Ryan said: "I know this band... were they on a documentary?"

Me: "Dunno." Shrug, shrug, more knitting.

"Oh! They were on Ace of Cakes."

Cake and banjos. Can it ever get better?


Equipoise said...

Thank you for the visit and your sweet comment! You have a lovely little corner here!

Anonymous said...

I mentioned them back when I had my old blog two years ago. You should check out Mumford and sons


kanishk said...

its simply amazing
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