Saturday, March 20, 2010

437: spring manifesto.

Inspired by Shari, and after observing seasonal manifestos for much too long, I bring you my very first.

This is the spring that will be spent...

:: on the banks of Hay Creek, but this year, I want to find new, unexplored nooks

:: diligently sending the chapbook out, crossing my fingers for a new home

:: finding a new way to healthy, keeping sugar sensitivity in check

:: making good on my promise to weekly yoga

:: training to become a doula

:: eating outdoors on the patio

:: finding recipes for whole grain bread and pasta

:: hiking in Frontenac park, watching the dogs romp in the Mississippi

:: starting heirloom seeds in egg carton pockets

:: watching foreign films after the sun sets

:: going to bed early, waking up early

:: letting strawberries become the focus

:: wrestling with the sewing machine and winning

:: making the final touches to have the letterpress up and running (anyone know of a good source for wooden press furniture or Wickersham quoins?) and passed on for a year's field trip

:: falling in love with my husband, over and over again

:: spending more and more time with my godson, my best friend, my girl friends, my family

:: reading books on a picnic blanket outdoors

1 comment:

shari said...

lovely manifesto, molly. wishing you a brilliant spring.