Tuesday, March 16, 2010

435: there was a prairie fire

It's not quite the same as being right there, but, in fact, the view from below is just as striking. Like holiday lights, like a string of city buildings all lit up, like cottages with the best view and a little fire in the window. I wish I could have taken photographs that would have done the actuality justice.

Other lovely things:

- My poem "The Recent History of Middle Sand Lake (II)" will appear in April's edition of Tattoo Highway.
- I don't believe I mentioned this before, but the other bookend of my chapbook, "The Recent History of Middle Sand Lake," along with "Kitchen" and "Palming Earth," will all appear in a wonderful anthology on sustainable food, put together by the illustrious Kerstin Svendsen.
- Not too long ago, my dear friend got a State Arts Board grant, no small feat. She'll be headed back to Japan, perhaps as early as this summer and so deserves this good thing coming her way. ♥

- Sparrows bathing in melted snow puddles.
- Our maple + zestar apple trees beginning to bud.
- Good movies on Netflix: I've Loved You So Long, The Girl in the Cafe, and Wilbur Wants to Kill Himself.


shawn hebrank said...

those photos are so wild...

Molly said...

It doesn't compare to being there in person! You and Meryl would have really dug it.