Sunday, March 14, 2010

433: something beautiful

You can watch a live webcam of this hummingbird's nest; right now, the world is waiting for her egg to hatch.

We've had a string of warm days, making me believe, perhaps, we won't get that last dump of snow we tend to get in March. I'm not mourning it.

The snow recession has left us digging out the backyard from natural dog-accumulation (ew), and it has revealed the slender stalks of onions lingering in the garden. I have not pulled them up yet, but I'm sure something good is there. I've also started to get our composting ready for spring: filling the barrel with more "brown" compost, rotating it frequently to release some of the melted snow accumulation, bringing in the bucket for our countertop.

My acupuncture on Friday went well; we had a long conversation about my condition, and I've started keeping a food journal, given the sugar sensitivity with PCOS. Now, I am more accountable, more focused on ingesting more vegetables and fruits, cutting down on the pastas, the breads, the cheese.

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