Sunday, January 24, 2010

405: beer dabbler

Saturday afternoon, we made our way up to the cities for a beer festival. I promised my beloved I would be designated driver, though I did pay the taster's entry fee and had some unfiltered honey Crispin, which uses organic apples, honey, maple, and no added colorants, sorbate, or benzoate preservatives. Very tasty--and locally headquartered, as a friend pointed out, but made in California. Almost perfect.

The festival was outdoors, a part of the winter carnival, and I neglected to follow Ryan's advice--wear under armor, my hiking boots, bring extra gloves. It was in the thirties, slushy, rain mixed with snow, not frigid as it might be on our weekend hikes in the bluffs. Of course, in these cases, we're moving, and at the festival, we were huddled in a dreary circle, little glass cups clutched in oversized gloved hands, watching to see who would fall first on what was turning into a skating rink.

In the end, my less-alcohol infused body helped my mouth pipe up a request to depart, and we headed for Pizza Luce, where we fell in love with the Athena, and they--well, had more beer.

It's good to have such good friends. xo


margosita said...

Well that looks like fun!

Angie said...

Technically, Crispin is made in California. Their headquarters are here, but not their processing/bottling plant.

Molly said...

Oh, disappointing! I'll change that in the post.