Thursday, January 21, 2010

403: 18 months

Ryan and I drove up and over, a little jaunt, a belated celebration of the winter holidays with my oldest and dearest friend. Her son, our godson, is now something like eighteen months old, which means he has a personality, a kind of communication. He's a charmer, that is for certain. I also think I may have glimpsed what he might be in the back of a high school classroom, and I have to admit: it reminded me of the long afternoons teaching. I also loved this glimpse: my husband with a little one, instructing him, telling him what he needed, and Ryan somehow finding a way to charm him right back.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the photo of Ryan looking sideways at Christian. Precious.


KeLL said...

Christian's owies look worse in pictures! The one by his eye is barely there! A lot of trauma but it's almost gone.
I love all these pictures of Christian!
Miss you!! When can Christian and I come to visit?