Wednesday, January 6, 2010

398: creepy basement

This is how I got through last night's insanely creepy journey into the basement: the dogs were there to keep me company (and were braver than I), and I pretended like I was spelunking rather than being beneath the entire house. It became an adventure that way, and I stopped shaking as much, which is really not handy when dealing with superhot work lamps and box cutters. You can see the full picture set here.

I would like to put in eco-friendly insulation, but the only stuff we can find locally is the blow-in sort, and Ryan wants to use the kind that comes in sheets. Online, it's easy to find eco-friendly insulation, such as this, but I get the sense Ryan would prefer not to have to order in but pick up at a store. Anyone in the Twin Cities area have any tips for this?

Some other bits:
- I enjoyed this poem, "All Wet and Shine" in Orion Magazine.
- I just subscribed to Organic Gardening. I think fantasizing about summer vegetable gardens seems par for the course in sub-zero January. I think I might use the garden mapping Angie used this year.
- Michael Pollan has a new book. It seems to be designed for the reader on the run, I believe, which seems so very ironic, given the importance given to slowing down with meals. Of course I ordered it. I'll read it s l o w l y to compensate.
- I'm super-excited to be borrowing L + A's snowshoes sometime soon, just to see if it's something Ryan and I might enjoy doing on a more regular basis.


Angie said...

You can borrow/have my ~past year of Organic Gardening if you want. I wasn't greatly impressed with the content for the price. Many of their good articles are online for free. They have a newsletter that I still get and enjoy looking at.

KeLL said...

wow. wow. wow.

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

Michael Pollan was on The Daily Show this past week- good interview.

After watching "Blair Witch" my boyfriend turned to me + said, "it looks like our basement." I never went down those steps again. We did not have a dog at that house to act as a protector.

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

Just read Angie's comment, have you looked into Mother Earth News? A friend passes his along to me each month, I read it cover to cover + pass it along to another friend (after photocopying the really good articles I want to reference in the future)

Leslie said...

Browsing a list of green-savvy blogs, I found yours. I'm glad. I love the photographs, which in this post are almost familiar - my basement is remarkably similar to yours.