Monday, January 4, 2010

396: first memorial hike of 2010

We took our first hike of 2010 with the dogs on Sunday. The temperatures are below zero, but I managed to fare much better on this than the one we took with our friends (sorry, M + S!), which truly reminds me to be careful of what medication and when.

We spotted plenty of deer tracks and what we guessed were rabbit, we played fetch with mostly Zephyr (isn't that shot of him leaping over Penelope neat?--it's the 4th from the top--), we both wore our new YakTrax and Penny her traction booties (which only moved the constant snow licking to her legs), we listened to eagles calling, we giggled at the snow beard Zephyr was sporting, and we spotted some strange snow formations. I haven't quite discovered how this happened--the snow on the bottom of the bush's branches--but if you have any idea, please hop on over here and pass on your two cents, especially if you are particularly science-minded.


christina said...

Gorgeous photos & happy dogs! Happy New Year!

margosita said...

isn't that shot of him leaping over Penelope neat?

Yes! Yes it is! Happy New Year :)

Rachel said...

I can't help you with the weird snow (although I've seen it before and know that it appears to need really freakin' cold temperatures to happen)...but I can say very cool pictures of your dogs playing!!