Wednesday, December 23, 2009

383: a few scenes from yesterday

Ryan spent a lot of yesterday flinging snow at the dogs and Jimmy spent some of the day shoveling the shoveled snow back onto the sidewalk.

We were woken at two in the morning to the steady cry of Jack, and I squinted at Ryan, whispering, "I guess I have to stop bragging that I'm such a heavy sleeper." We teased each other, while we waited for the cries to ebb, Ryan asking me if I thought leprechauns wished they could fly, and me saying, "Roll over so I can spoon you, gas-y-pants." We're quite romantical, you see.

More pictures tomorrow, and apologies to Jack for the imbalance as his older brother seems to be the star of this collection. This is what happens when one is upwardly mobile, has a full set of teeth, and can use declarative sentences.

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