Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I received some disappointing news at the doctor's office this week, and though it does not mean all is a failure, there are possibilities regarding the (lack of?) permanence of my affliction. Is this all veiled enough for you? In other words: a medication I've been taking isn't doing what it's supposed to do, which is scary and frustrating, but after Thanksgiving break, I go in again and they're going to examine me and raise the dosage to see if that works. I feel angry at my body for being a failure, a poor reflection on my self as a whole.

It's hard to not point out the cliche, the obvious: it's all becoming material. Foibles as fodder.

We made the first leg of our Thanksgiving journey late last night; Ryan "allowed" me to stay late on campus so I could spend time with my beloved poetry girl friends, dinner at a campus Thai restaurant, and I drove the whole journey from our corner of Minnesota to his parents' corner of Wisconsin. He slept in the back with Penelope; Zephyr kept watch in the front seat, where we spotted a doe and a few miles later, the most magnificent buck with an amazing rack, and the fog descended with a light drizzle and I sang lonesome country songs in my head.


shari said...

hi molly-
sorry you feel discouraged. hang in there. the drive to wisconsin sounds pretty nice though. happy thanksgiving. xo

flossy-p said...

h dear, I hope things sort themselves out for you, soon. .xx.

Angie said...

We're all there for you, you know that! Plus, my dream... can't help but keep thinking about that craziness.

Had to comment since your phrase 'with an amazing rack' made me giggle so.

Molly said...

Thanks, ladies!

And Angie: xo. Truly.