Monday, November 23, 2009


Look what I bought for our home! It just arrived a few days ago and I can't stop looking at it; it's even prettier in person. Thank you, Heather. I love those two words too: hope and seeds. I have it in my living room, waiting to eventually be framed, and it's reminding me to keep myself with head-above-water, with glass-is-half-full, with love-in-my-heart. Yep, it does all of those things.

Inspired by Shari, I've decided to declare this winter the winter of Russian writers: Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Anna Akhmatova, maybe a little Dr Zhivago. Russia seems quite perfect for hibernation and thick quilts, for snow-filled days. Suggestions, of course, are always welcome.


Meryl said...

Ha! Coincidentally I had decided to declare this summer the summer of Russian writers... post-graduation! I'm always giving myself that extra time padding, or pampering? I don't push myself too much.

Maybe we'll still get to overlap a bit. I'm mostly excited about Tolstoy... because Woolf loved him. Also Nabokov, though perhaps he's too contemporary and too emigre-ary to be grouped with the others.

Rachel said...

Oh, I love Heather's that you got yourself one!

I keep wanting to declare some time Russian writer time...but I need longer stretches of 'peace' before I can do it. Concentration seems to be a necessity. Good luck with your reading challenge.