Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Yesterday I received a phone call from my dad: my grandmother fell while at the doctor's office and broke her hip in three places. From what I've heard, the surgery went well, and she's recovering. I don't know much more--how long rehabilitation will go, just how risky this is for an octogenarian, if she'll have to spend any time in a nursing home, who will take care of her, why I can't just drop everything and go to her.

The especially unfortunate detail is that she was at the doctor's office to see if her veins could handle a shunt that would ease her regular dialysis for end-stage kidney disease. She technically has above 15% kidney function, so she's not dialysis-stage yet, but nearly.

You already know how much she means to me. Keep her in your thoughts, OK? Hope for a quick and smooth recovering and a return home.


kyrie said...

Praying for you and your family-


Kerstin Svendsen said...

i am thinking of you. she looks lovely. everyone is totally different of course, but i do know an octogenarian who did very well with a hip replacement surgery. she did rehab for a short stint.
i'm hoping for the best for you and your grandmother.

danika said...

oh no - I'm so sorry to read this. reading our words about your grandmother (and seeing that beautiful mosaic on flickr) made me miss my own grandmother so much. i'll be thinking of you - and I hope she heals quite quickly.

Valerie said...

even more sorry to hear this (as I said on flickr).
i can only wish she'll recover the best way possible considering her age & kidney pathology.
my best wishes to her from western France. be sure she'll be in prayers tonight.