Thursday, November 5, 2009

355: yoga

Tonight, first night at yoga, which will occupy my time as the sun sets on Thursdays. I felt humbled, being a beginner amongst regulars, but this is how a small town yoga studio works--those sessions roll over into one another, little tumbling blocks. My body cooperated on most levels, which pleased me, despite my tender ankle and clumsy ways. And I left breathing much slower, wanting to raise my arms slowly over my head at each inhale, lowering them slowly at each exhale. And even though my muscles ached a little, my body mostly felt softer, more liquid afterward.

Today was beautiful, with clear blue skies, a bright and warming sun, the dogs burying their noses in the boulevard brush.

My body is changing, I know, as I make my way into more peaceful practice. It's feeling better as I consume more vegetables, as I breathe more deeply, as I get more fresh air, as I move and move and move. I may have gotten to the other side of stress; this doesn't mean anything stress-related is over or resolved, but just that I'm finding ways to do things that perhaps aren't fraught with consequences or criticisms or serious results. Instead, I knit little objects for holiday presents. I experiment with felting. I try a new recipe. I take walks, take photos, take field notes. I try yoga. Broadening, yes. But not in the bad way, of course.

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uma said...

Hi! This is such a nice post! I like your words about "a more peaceful practice" I keep trying to achieve something like that too. And yoga is certainly a great help. You will see how much more your body changes with future classes...