Friday, October 9, 2009

340: compost soup

Oh, I'm gearing up for a big Adam Zagajewski post on my literary blog, but just now, I'd like to revel in tonight's calm: after a surreal afternoon on campus, I headed over to our favorite dinks with drinks' home where Angie pulled out her CSA cookbook and we made what we christened "Compost Soup" (inspired by "Garbage Pizza").

It's that time of year when harvesting takes on an urgent flavor. Tomorrow, my nook of Minnesota faces the prospect of a full inch of snow accumulation.

So with the Urtels' major garden haul, along with their abundant CSA goodies (they use the well-respected Featherstone Farms, which delivers to the Twin Cities, we made compost soup--and the broth had honey, which makes me love it even more.

I have a tupperware full to get through this chilly weekend, to which I thank my friends profusely. There are many things I love about autumn--those earthy colors turned vibrant, wool sweaters, reading in bed (is this truly seasonal? no--), the start of a new semester, knitting--and hearty soups are certainly another addition to my long list.

Tomorrow, the Twin Cities Book Festival, where I bid a sad farewell to the poet who has kept me ruminating these past two days, and perhaps I will find a spot of peace, a little space of quiet time. I have so much I want to accomplish this weekend--how is it that there is only one of me when there is so much going on?

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