Saturday, August 15, 2009

[I will remove this post as soon as I figure out my camera difficulties--consider it just a brief space for an announcement that I do plan to go back over this day by day, even if I fib a bit on the dates--but the camera is being feisty once again. For now, if you are curious about the Bread Loaf experience, I am writing extensively about the writerly side of it (OK, today I posted about dreaming, but it really, really relates to writing, I swear) over on my blog I call independent study, for lack of a better phrase. Go say hello, share a dream you've had recently, tell me to stop being such a dunce, tell me you want more pictures, dangit, and please go on a photo walk because the ones of the tops of buildings--which, really, you haven't seen yet--and writers are done, man, and you need s'more variation. Whatever. I like friendly banter. And OK, I'm a little lonely too.]