Thursday, July 23, 2009

312: this past weekend

This last weekend we were in Green Bay. This last weekend, I...
- fell in love with the color of wheat and queen anne's lace
- got caught up in a thunderstorm
- accidentally captured two bugs, you know, (doing it)
- wondered if my mouth was bleeding after tasting the hot peppers from our garden
- introduced an indifferent Penelope then a curious, slobbering Zephyr, to a toad
- worked on my knitting callouses
- took a delicious nap, which kept me awake reading this book later that night (which I do recommend)

This coming weekend, I think we might have a little date night: dinner and a movie. I'd like to find a new state park to explore too, if possible, and on Sunday, I hope, hope, hope to see a certain someone who is now, at thirteen months, walking (see for yourself!). And tomorrow? I have plans to weed, to bake zucchini bread, to take the dogs to the park, and to read outdoors.

I've been feeling restless this month, and I think it's time to do something about it. New things: recipes, places to explore outside, books. Recommendations are always welcome.



margosita said...

I love the frog and dog nose photo. Really great!

Eireann said...

I think toads are poisonous to dogs! Ours got sick from one. Maybe? :)

KeLL said...

Did Zephyr lick the toad? I could see him licking the toad...actually Penny is more likely to lick something....
Can you imagine how big Zephyr appeared to that poor toad? hee hee

Molly said...

Oh, there was no toad licking! Just Zephyr drooling / snotting. :) All is well, but yes, I'm sure that poor toadie was thrilledthrilled to get away from us. I feel like a five year old whenever I see a living creature I can actually catch and know it won't bite me... hmm. Bad example to kids, I guess.

Rachel said...

Gorgeous shots of the QAL and wheat Molly. Simply gorgeous!