Monday, July 20, 2009

310: thinking about making

I've found some projects I much admire recently, and instead of leaving them open as tabs to daydream about, I'm collecting the links here, to share:

- I've been doing my own projects using Brittany needles; thinking about stocking up
- A Friend to Knit With's fingerless mitten collection
- these Knitty pattern for fingerless mittens: Dashing and Fetching
- Needles Edge: love the baby kimono and booties
- on Ravelry: little hearts
- thinking of ways to turn these little leaves into ornaments or mobiles, a forest nursery (when we have children, I'm thinking the bedroom theme I'd love the most is the woods--so important to me growing up, those walks in the woods with my dad, so important to where we live now and how Ryan and I spend our weekends)
- mmmm, knit strawberries
- possibly attempting this Cape Cod pullover for Ryan for Christmas
- the ever-loved Saartje booties
- wanting to copy this Cirque du Soleil hat
- admiring the knit patterns in this etsy shop
- wanting to attempt to sew my own free-form creatures after seeing this rabbit rattle
- lusting over the yarns at the backwards loop
- I have some Kidsilk Haze I'd love to use on this shawl (on Ravelry)
- admiring this Medusa Cowl (on Ravelry)
- I know someone I want to make this honey cowl for...
- maybe I can use Cranberry Quiltworks to finish off that quilt I started eons ago...
- this felt bunny looks adorable
- and these little chicks are so sweet too
- and these hanging birds
- and this sweet stuffed rabbit


KeLL said...

I expect you to have all these projects completed by Summer's end. No excuses. =) I'm a brat. xoxo

oma said...

i think we have similarly-long lists of projects we're lusting after! i've made a few pairs of sarrtje's bootees--they're a great project. there's a pattern for birds similar to those felt ones at i'm currently making a mobile with twigs and some birds to hang over the changing table. i just added that bunny pattern to my "craft" bookmarks...

Rachel said...

I love lists like this. There is so much possibility! Good luck on whichever of these project(s) that you start on!