Friday, July 17, 2009

308: kooza!

For our anniversary: dinner, drinks, and a little death defying entertainment. We saw Cirque du Soleil for the first time, which left the audience embarrassingly child-like, our jaws open, gasping, grabbing the arm of our date. We asked each other, if we could have any job in the company, what would it be, and after chiding me, Ryan said tent-erector, and I said costuming. The pair in the wheel of death had pants that resembled lizard scales, the jester's hats were amazing, the flamboyancy of the flameco dress--it was all so impressive.

After a few years (tortured) in high school theater, on the adult-side of things, I have a slight bit more understanding of what might go into a production like this. I loved their "pit," which was instead, lofted above the stage, complete with two singers, and the drummer had a solo on what appeared to be a platform with casters, though I'm sure it was really pure magic.

What I love most about Cirque du Soleil, besides the lack of animal-cruelty, the impressive fabrics, the incredible athleticism, the intimacy, the sheer joy on the faces of the performers--besides all that, I love the focus on imagination. In this particular touring production, the story is the gift of one boy's imagination come to life, complete with jesters and skeletons and a strage ruling king.

I hadn't realized, also, the audience participation factor: the band teacher from the local high school was pulled onto the stage during the pickpocket act. Yup, from RW, living on Bush Street ("Are you serious?" the clown asked)--I knew it was him.

A lovely little world of fantasy; we held hands under the big top.

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