Sunday, July 5, 2009

302: dogs in water, hiking

I know, I've had a bit of an overkill on the dogs-in-water images, but I love our dogs so much, and they are always so adorably thrilled when we take them to Hay Creek or Lake Pepin.

Today's hike was down in Frontenac State Park, the same we made in May, the same that left me heaving at every bend. There was stopping again as we made our way up, but I am basking in the vast improvement. I made it, tearless, to the top.

The dogs love this particular trip--they can flounce about in the water, and this time, the play was cut short when both dogs left bloody paw prints along the rocks. We're not sure if it is from broken glass, but both dogs are socked and sleeping, well rested from our outdoor journey.

Today's field notes: the sounds of bald eagles, the shape of wildflowers, another dead fish for Penelope to nuzzle (which led to both of them having a quick bath when we came home), clover, dozens of webs catching sunlight along the ground (daddy long legs?). I appreciated the water and apple we packed; the two benches along the way.

We are hoping to brew a new beer tonight, but the yeast is stubbornly slow to activate. We also aren't having much luck with the barley wine, which has been yeasted on several occasions but refuses to bubble. Is barley wine a flatter beer? We'll probably take a gravity sample and see what the hydrometer reading is; perhaps we're worrying too much. Ryan did bottle the honey wheat while I was in New Jersey, and it tastes wonderful.

I'm glad for a day spent outdoors, that ends in dinner cooked together, contentment, low music, sleepy eyes.


Meryl said...

Cuteness! There can never be too many wet dog pictures!

flossy-p said...

Welcome home. Looks like you had a wonderful reunion! :)

elk said...

never TOO many dogs in water shots...we swim in our pool everyday with the golden...