Tuesday, June 30, 2009

297: being home, hay creek

There's nothing that says home more than taking the dogs to Hay Creek on a hot summer day. We went last Sunday, burning our scalps pink, and I am grateful for the quiet beauty of this place. The dogs, as you can see, were thrilled as well.

Ryan calls that photo of Penny slinging herself into the water "Pennyfish." He took one with his camera phone while I was in New Jersey and emailed the blurry image to me, making me long for home, and now I see what he means. She does this in kiddie pools too.

My favorite, I think, is the one of Zephyr leaping from the bank into the creek. It was amazing to watch; you can see where he gets the nickname "Mountain Goat." When we beckon him onto the sofa with us, he does this ridiculous sideways leap, and I'm always impressed at the air he gets.

I miss Megan and Jimmy and Jack and even Sean, but it is good to be home. I bring back many memories, a definite shift in my heart, and I bring it back here, to the family we have, to our pets and to each other. I bring home even more love for Ryan than I had before, and an appreciation for everything that is good about him and us.

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