Monday, May 18, 2009

275: kansas city

This weekend, Ryan and I made the seven and a half hour drizzly trek to Kansas City to visit his grad school friend Dan and wife Tracy.

My favorite moments from the trip:
- Pulled pork barbeque. How can you not celebrate the bbq when in Kansas City?
- Feeding carrots to an elk. Petting that wet nose. And even more joyful: when a family came along and we gave the remaining carrots to the four kids to feed the elk, their dancing and squealing and urgent, "Watch your fingers!" bossily proclaimed.
- The fields of wind turbines in Iowa.
- Lola, the Jones family kitty, alternating between hissing at Ryan down the hall, then rubbing against his legs.
- Reading books of poetry (while Dan et all reveled in the birthday Wii purchase), jotting ideas down for poems, feeling that energy carrying over from the last two weeks of the semester. My two favorites from my book-a-day thus far? Filibuster to Delay a Kiss by Courtney Queeney and The Watercourse by Cynthia Zarin.
- We're redesigning my pathetic homepage. Because it's faster to upload, and because Ryan is programming my webpage from scratch (no templates for us), we decided that my "news" tab would be a blog, which is located here. Reminds me that I need to start sending things out again so I can bulk up the "Poems + Publications" tab.
- Thunderstorms on the first night. The following two days were gorgeous, sunny, not sweltering, bright, and their backyard lit up with light.

More trip images here.


mlovich said...

Of course Ryan would have a shirt that reads, "I love boxed wine"! Made me laugh!
Love you two!

Angie said...

I have never seen that shirt before. Love it.

Angie said...

Their front door is the same as ours. ...counting down the days until I can paint it. :)