Saturday, April 18, 2009

254: Backyard Bird Watching

These were taken last Sunday afternoon, and not even a week later, our crabapple tree is so changed. What the birds didn't eat are dropping, the little fruit hard as nuts now, and there are spikes of reddish leaves, the beginnings of the apple buds. There are tufts of green on our Zestar apple tree as well; I got a little bleary eyed with happiness at these true signs of spring--not the lingering white fuzzy buds that appear before the snow has even vanished, but little green sprouts, which grow so quickly. In a week, I may be writing about how wonderful it is to have leaves.

We spent the afternoon seeding our yard. The dogs always do such a number to the grass, so we have found ourselves buying seed and bringing in dirt (and now, homemade compost) to work into the dead grass and clear patches. It is to rain tonight, which is good. Spring, spring, spring.


lizardek said...

how lovely to see the birds feasting from the tree. I miss the North American birds quite a bit, even if we DID have a huge beautiful male pheasant right up on our deck this morning.

Love Squalor said...

these are gorgeous! love love love.

KeLL said...

These pics don't even look real! They're gorgeous!