Tuesday, March 17, 2009

243: Happy 30th, love of my life...

This is where I hum, lucky life. This is where I tell you of how glad I am to come home to this man, every day, to sleep next to him (even if he wakes in a panic, thinking I might miss a train, or the trial, or whatever his sweet little dreaming self believes is going on), to share the everyday with him. Above, I love how you can see the seasons with him too: from his thesis defense to spring camping to kayaking on my grandmother's lake to autumn trips to Hay Creek and in winter, at Colville and up Memorial Bluff. He's so good and tolerant, and I smile whenever I look at each of these images, the man who holds my hand and draws me in, keeps me safe and sane. So lucky, and on today too, we celebrate him being here. And it's a milestone too: his 30th.


amy @ switz~art said...

ah, beautiful!
i feel the same about my hubby, too.
have fun celebrating!

KeLL said...

And where does he hide those muscles?!?!

We love Ryan too!!!!
Happy Birthday!