Thursday, March 5, 2009


I have this issue where I'll leave a million little tabs open, bogging down my computer of little websites I mean to take a closer look at, or perhaps want to save, tucked away like a little scrap of paper, more than getting lost in those millions of bookmarks I need to someday clean up as well. (And I wonder how I become frustrated when it takes eons to open a program and that rattle-y ticking noise means I just need to walk away and do something else until the dust clears.)

I will pause here today to share a series of links I've been meaning to save:

- Interview with Per Petterson
- 100 beautiful words via Bookninja
- "After the Storm" by Sophie Cabot Black
- wild koala drinking bottled water during Australian fires
- Petition to save gender and sexuality studies
- Literature in lieu of tour guide
- Mark Doty's blog

LOVING this song:


kyrie said...

Oh, Molly- I do exactly the same thing! Funny. :) Can't wait to check out your links.

sonrie said...

I do the same thing with tab openings and saving in bookmarks and as unpublished blog entries... I love the koala video - so heartwrenching.