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All from Esquire. (Also: Weird. And: Do all U of MN poetry graduates get a weird such as this?)

December 25, 2008, 6:00 AM

The Meaning of Life Meets Winter Style

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For the seven men in this portfolio, the meaning of life isn't something they kick around in their spare time. It's their job to make sense of the world and make us laugh, think, and question our way to a little bit of wisdom and, over the following pages, anyway, a sharp sense of winter style.


Poet, author of Hallelujah Blackout, At Last Unfolding Congo, and the following poem written for Esquire on the meaning of life:

"Being Here"

Listless blight, safe words, every little
Sound in the night is a gasp -- bonetip

Blossoming through skin. It's no Bull, man. Anymore, we're all


& afraid to pull these faces off.
Maple leaves & plastic bags summersault

Through the park. One cloud
Grips the moon. Call me anything

Before morning comes, little lover, Because it's true & doesn't

fucking matter.

Kill the lights. Feel the burn. Rev yourself
Up & sing along with the good thrum

Found in everything. Hang around
Until the end. Melt my ashes on your tongue.

Double-breasted wool peacoat ($945) by Emporio Armani;

cashmere sweater ($865) by Malo; cotton shirt ($245) by

Armani Collezioni; stainless-steel Portuguese Chrono-Automatic

watch with crocodile strap ($6,800) by IWC; glasses ($375) by

Tom Ford.

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