Tuesday, February 3, 2009


This is where unveil to you, with great excitement, honor, and all that is good, a joint project with a dear friend who has blessed me with knowing her since we were both fourteen years old.

The idea behind camera lucida is a kind of call and response, only with words and images. The above photo is hers. The poems, then, are mine, and we will banter this way.

I've set the blog up so that only two posts show at once--one image, one poem, flip flopping each Monday.

I remember when we were in ninth or tenth grade, she was at art camp, and I was at the college swimming where my father is a professor. She asked me to write a poem to accompany one of her pieces, and I wrote something, probably dark and sappy as my teenage embarrassments of poems tended to be, but right there was a kernel that would return, full blown.

All the poems I'll write will be early, probably first, drafts. But it's the creative energy and flow that is the point, the ways in which a visual artist and a linguistic one can intersect and inspire and move. It's a way of looking at things, and I'm excited to see where it might go.

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shari said...

sounds like a lovely project.