Sunday, February 1, 2009

215: excerpted

from The Thief's Journal by Jean Genet

pg. 17: 'But where does he get that spit,' I would ask myself, 'where does he bring it up from? Mine will never have the unctuousness or color of his. It will merely be spun glassware, transparent and fragile.'


pg. 53: In the silence, I heard the mysterious rustling of the sheet of yellow newspaper that replaced the missing windowpane....

'It's a newspaper printed in Spanish,' I said to myself again. 'It's only natural that I don't understand the sound it's making.'


pg. 56: 'That he charms monkeys, men and women,' I said to myself, 'is comprehensible, but what can be the nature of the magnetism, born of his glib muscles and his curls, of that blond amber, that can enthral [sic] objects?'

However, there was no doubt that objects were obedient to him.


pg. 158: I shall be stuck in love, the way one is stuck in ice, or mud, or fear.


pg. 267: This book does not aim to be a work of art, an object detached from an author and from the world, pursuing in the sky its lonely flight. I could have told of my past life in another tone, in other words. I have made it sound heroic because I have within me what is needed to do so, lyricism.

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