Sunday, January 18, 2009


To me, it's an awfully big shock for any of my friends, let alone the ones just a month or two younger than me, to have a nine year old daughter, but it's true. Jeff's little Eve turned nine this past summer, just one month after Ryan and I turned nine as a couple. And there he is: with a wife, with a daughter, with a cat and dog and chinchilla and a son out in Arizona.

We were there when Eve was born. I walked with Lani around the block, keeping witness as she eased her contractions, I drove in with them to the hospital, I held her when she was hours old. And now she's long and reading, she has glasses and friends who sleep over and carries on smooth conversations when I thought, just days ago, she was cooing and yanking on Ryan's ponytail. It all changes so fast.

Driving home: little scribbles of light on the highway.

Tomorrow: flying to Palm Beach Florida for the poetry festival.


EWH said...

Safe travels. Forgot you were going this week. I guess you can't go see Nikki Giovanni with me at the Fitz then, huh? Soak up some sun for me!

KeLL said...

I feel the same way about Minday. Maya turned 10 this past December! I don't feel like we are old enough to have children this old. I hope Christian stays little forever. =)