Monday, January 12, 2009



- Not called for jury duty today after all. Trials were all canceled.
- School was too. Early release, anyway.
- Snow. Yesterday's blizzard watch has turned into a steady snowfall: thick, fluffy, the kind the dogs make trails in, spin into and snow dust flies.
- Getting ready for Eric tomorrow. Ryan's brother is flying in from Tahoe and staying the night before moving on to Green Bay. Cleaning sheets, clearing away school-things long neglected from last semester, little knitting projects and the like. Baking bread, filling the beer fridge.
- Reading Amy and Isabelle, a novel about a mother and daughter in small town Massachusetts, some mysterious coming of age issues, struggles regarding sexuality and on. I'm relieved to put escape reading behind me; I think I overdid it at the beginning of the month. A bit of a book reading binge, so to speak, and now my stomach feels sour for it.
- Making a baby blanket for my friend Kim, whose son is due next month, I believe. Hoping to at least drop it off this weekend (though hoping to actually see her even more).

- Wondering at what point I should begin snow shoveling. It's still coming down, but the sun is nearly gone too.
- Reading about worm composting. Generally the order is: research, then do, but rarely do I do things in the right order. In fact, after five summers of vegetable gardening, I'm taking a beginner class with Angie at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.
- Enjoying the last week of winter break. Next week classes start; next week, I will be in Florida at the Palm Beach Poetry Festival. I'm so looking forward to seeing the ocean.

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