Saturday, January 10, 2009


So a few of my Minnesota girl friends and I have gotten together and are chatting on a blog I've loosely called "homesteading." The idea behind it came from this post of my friend Angie, where she suggested we get together and trade skills: crafts, home improvements, gardening, whatnot. We're united by wanting to live more eco-conscious lives, more slow fooding, more gardening, more sustainable lifestyles, more handmade gifting, and on. I have kept it Minnesotan, mainly to share resources: farmer's markets, CSAs, shops, classes. And, I hope, maybe we'll be able to have get togethers too, where we can teach each other in person: where we wrestle with sewing machines and knitting needles, try new recipes and trade seeds, check out worm bins and glass studios.

If you're wondering what the above might be all about: homemade dog treats.

It's a learning process, and we welcome any suggestions and ideas. And baby steps. It's the slow pleasure of it that makes the change permanent, turns it into a habit.

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sonrie said...

i passed the link to your new blog along to one of my girl-friends who is from eastern mn.